Monday, March 9, 2009

the thing she treasured most

*author unknown. but most certainly not written by me, lest your little eyes should deceive you.

"In 1141 AD Weinberg Castle held more riches than any other single location in all of Europe. If any army could capture this prize, it would be wealthy beyond imagination. Many armies tried, but the men of the castle were fierce and strong and not easily defeated. But one spring the magnificent castle met its match.

A mighty army laid siege of the castle and cut if off from the outside world. The army was patient and its stranglehold deadly. As the months passed, food and water within the castle’s walls grew scarce. The defenders gave their rations to the women and children, but starvation could not be held back much longer. Soon death took the gentlest infants and the frailest grandparents. Sorrow soon touched every family.

The defenders now knew their cause was hopeless, so they agreed to negotiate with their foe. If the women and children were allowed to leave the castle untouched, the men would lay down their weapons and surrender their fortress with its massive storerooms of untold wealth.

The attacking army agreed, but as they moved forward the women of the castle asked for one additional concession. They asked that they each be allowed to take with them as much of their valuables as they could carry. The attacking army pondered the request, and since the treasures of the castle were so great and what the women could carry would be relatively insignificant, they agreed.

What happened next brought emotion to the heart of every soldier who laid siege to the castle. Out the heavy gates the women came, dressed in their finest gowns. Each woman carried in her arms that thing she treasured most—her husband."

happy anniversary, my love. to many more...


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! Choked me up! Happy Anniversary to you and Anthony!!

debby94 said...

Awesome! Happy Anniversary!