Monday, August 25, 2008

who needs pottery barn?

have i mentioned how amazing my husband is? well, he is quite crafty too. he whipped up this cool magnet board for the kids this weekend. they love it and i am again quite impressed with his creative abilities.
ella is standing on the chair "so the scorpions won't bite her feet." we had a bit of a scorpion incident this weekend in the backyard that began with ella in hysterics, running to stand on the chair and telling anthony that the scorpion got her foot. he found the scorpion and killed it, but we were having a difficult time locating the actual scorpion sting. we were also having a difficult time determining if the frenzy of emotions was a result of pain or fear. well, daddy saved the day when he remembered the magic of the band aid! once we put the band aid on the "owie" it was miraculously healed. so, we are relieved either that she wasn't actually stung or that target makes some incredible band aids that cure some serious ailments.


Bethany said...

I like the new look for your blog!! Very cute! And I definitely need to get some of those miraculous Target band aids.

Teri said...

Wow, that board is great!