Wednesday, August 13, 2008

colds and golds

"nose wunning adin." (nose running again). i have heard this countless times over the last few days. poor little bennett has had a miserable cold that hopefully will be over soon and won't make its rounds through any of the rest of us. fortunately, bennett is now at the "please wipe my nose for me" stage instead of the "i'm going to let it run down my face and all over the place" stage. aside from a couple nights of not so good sleep, it hasn't been overly terrible and he is a cuddly little sick boy. oh, and he loves his other news, we have been thoroughly enjoying the olympics, even if they wait to show the best events way, WAY too late at night. but of course, there are a few thoughts which have arisen. allow me to share them with you...

1. when did the silver medal become the equivalent of losing? i think those female american gymnasts are quite amazing and deserve a little more credit for getting second place in the entire world. it seems to me the media (and especially those obnoxious sport commentators) need to back off and say something nice. you go, girls!

2. does it disturb anyone else that these poor chinese gymnasts are ripped from their parents arms at the age of three and shipped off to train to be olympians? i mean, isn't this like slavery or something? seriously, that's like sending ella off right now to train and seeing her maybe once a year. no wonder those poor girls never smile.

3. michael phelps is very fun to watch. its kinda funny to automatically expect not only a gold medal but also a world record every time he swims. even when his goggles fill up with water and he can't even see. yes, that boy makes us proud to be american. (as do all of the other superb athletes we have seen this week)

one final note... we can now add synchronized diving to the things we hope bennett never comes home and tells us he wants to try. i'm sorry, but those boys in matching speedos... a little too much for me.


Poppa said...

Amen to the no synchronize diving for Bennett.

Teri said...

I don't know, I think Bennet could pull off the speedo .

I do agree that it is crazy that the girls are "chosen" and taken from their families. The even more sad part is that they are not that much better then kids who are doing it of their own free will.

Sara said...


I love the fact that I can always count on you to make me feel like I have at least one person reading my blog. :)

And in regards to Kennedy, to the dismay of many, I actually didn't feel even close to shedding a tear. I did shed a tear, however, when I realized that I need to start getting up WAAAAAY earlier, now that school is starting.

But, lest anyone think I would send K off to be a gymnast, I have to clarify that she did start preschool last year, only goes 2 days a week, and loves that she gets to paint, use glue and scissors at least once, every time she is there.

Oh, and I think speedos are awesome. In fact, I'm going to get Anthony and Bennett the same exact ones Ben and Ty wear. They could all do a dive routine next time we see you...boy would that be a sight! ;)

Nicole said...

Bennett is so cool even a speedo would work for him! :)