Monday, August 4, 2008

some grammy and poppa fun

highlights at grammy and poppa's house:

1. learning the pledge of allegiance (well, at least learning to put our hand over our heart, look at the flag, and giggle)

2. a friend's garage sale where the kids scored all kinds of fun little treats (thanks maureen and meghan!)

3. date night. fun for us, fun for the kids, fun for grammy and poppa. (my parents were amazed at our children's ability to pack away the pizza. they can almost polish off a large pizza on their own. this is true. we have to cut them off before their stomachs explode. we are very serious about pizza around here.)

4. skinny dipping in the pool. (ok, well just the kids in the wading pool out back.)

5. ella and bennett slept in the same room together. we asked her if she liked that. her answer: "yes, it was fun. but it was sometimes hard to be quiet. i would feel a funny coming and i couldn't keep it in any more so i had to laugh."

6. i have always wished that bennett's hair was thick and curly so he could grow it out. instead he got my thin, straight hair. a little glimpse of what might have been:


Erin said...

I love it! We need to get Amelia and Ella together for a marathon round of Candyland, A loves it too. Bennet's hair is styling. Too bad you didn't get to go skinny dipping...

Poppa said...

Grammy and poppa had fun, too, and yes ella and bennett ate just as much pizza as grammy and poppa.

Nicole said...

Bennett is really going to appreciate that photo of the wig when he is 18 and dating! Too cute!