Friday, August 15, 2008

teeth time

the name nastia is actually starting to grow on me. i'm not going to name my child this or anything, but i am quite a fan of the amazing, beautiful, graceful gymnast that just won the gold for the US. last night was not the best night for the girl's gymnastics all around event. the reason: it was so much fun to watch and so exciting to see the USA take gold and silver. and it was after midnight before it was finally over. not a good combination with an early, early morning to get us ready for a very exciting, much anticipated family outing. ella's first dentist appointment.

ella had a great time at the dentist. yes, it was a very fun place complete with video games and very cool sunglasses. i'm sure they thought we were nuts that we made it a family affair and also, when i pulled the camera out of my purse to capture these moments. the hygienist asks, "is this her first time at the dentist?" hmmm... is it that obvious?

i must say, pediatric dentistry has come a long way. i still have very vivid memories of visiting dr. j's office as a child. it all began with an incredibly long wait in a very boring waiting room with almost no color and elevator music playing in the background. they had one Highlights magazine that, i kid you not, was completely written and colored in and remained the sole source of child entertainment for at least 4 years. the same exact one. i always wondered why the wait was so long (seriously, an hour) and there was no one coming or going. what were they doing back there? my sister and i would both go at the same time. they did pass out stickers at the end. i escaped cavities as a child but angie, unfortunately, did not. my poor sister would often walk out with a sticker plastered on the front of her shirt that said, "i will brush better." who makes stickers like this?!? what a way to motivate a child. she still talks about this. it scarred her for life.

well, ella did great and her teeth are beautiful. and she is excited to go back again. next up... bennett.


aunt gigi said...

Thanks for telling my dirty secrets!

josborn said...

So do you think that this has something to do with the fact that Angie now brushes her teeth with diaper creme?

Nicole said...

Fun fun fun! I can only hope Drew does as great as Ella did. His 1st apt is tomorrow before Preschool starts on Thursday! Wish me luck!