Thursday, August 28, 2008

we love curious george

and we love each other
ella has developed some serious eye-hand coordination playing curious george games on the computer and bennett loves to stand right next to her and watch. every once in awhile, i hear, "ella, this one!" and bennett will point to something new for ella to do. they do quite well together sharing the chair and playing games. and yes, i do believe this is only one step above tv brain rot, which is why we have some limits and set the timer. i must say however, those 10 minutes go faster for mommy than for the kiddos.

oh, and pardon the barely clothed children. its still pretty hot around here...


Charlotte said...


These photos are so precious. The purity of childhood. No clothes. A good game. Family. It's the BEST stuff of life ... these simple moments. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Nicole said...

Those pictures are priceless! What memories the little ones make each day for one another and for us moms and daddy's too! too cute!