Tuesday, February 15, 2011


so when bennett saw the message on the white board yesterday: "happy valentine's day! xoxoxo" he quickly responded with: "no, instead lets write 'happy super sugary candy day!"
pretty much.

i started wondering yesterday why i had such a bad headache. possibly the cinnamon sugary toast, the m&m's from valentine bingo, the redvines from the licorice race, the sugar filled valentine package arriving promptly before lunch... or was it the screaming hyperactive children running circles around me and thoroughly enjoying the intense spike in their blood sugar?

valentine celebrations started friday night. we traded babysitting with dear friends (which of course means FREE!) and anthony and i celebrated love month with an awesome dinner, walk down main street, red velvet cake for 2 and of course a convenient stop at the goodwill for a steal on some new pants for bennett.

(of course no picture of this night because such things as unsuccessfully calming an irate 2 year old, searching for bennett's shoes, packing up wipes and filling sippy cups, retrieving a deep splinter from a tiny hand and hunting down jackets... all as we were trying to rush out the door, prevented me from remembering the camera.)

saturday night was ella's big date. with daddy. she started picking out her clothes the second she lifted her head off the pillow that morning.ella lives for date nights with daddy.
i can't say i blame her.

they went to a super fun place for pizza and were surprised with quite the fancy dessert (for free!!!) and then it was off to shop where he let her try on all kinds of clothes and lucked out and found this little gem for her to bring home and beg me to wear every single day.
(yes, date night involves buying her something. you're welcome future son-in-law.)

sunday night was bennett's date. lets just say it was pretty cute when he asked me, "mom, can we go on a date? but," pause and total seriousness... "i can't drive."so we thought it would be fun to go the same great little place as daddy and ella, only to find out that of course they don't serve pizza from that amazing brick oven on sunday nights. so why not head to baja fresh. i mean, i didn't put on a dress for nothing. and besides, they have chips! what more could you want? (or so the 4 year old is convinced)

and anyway, we can head back to that awesome restaurant for dessert where they scoop ice cream with teaspoons and then proceed to forget about you while your 4 year old begs to leave for a 1/2 an hour.

but hey... who's complaining?i got to spend my night with this handsome stud and all these ladies kept stopping and saying how incredibly handsome he is which all contributed to the reason he hates it when i make him wear that hat and tie in the first place. he'd rather be invisible and get no attention whatsoever.

which is perfect in like 10 years.

at the end of the night, he said to me, "thanks, mom. this was the most amazing night EVER!"

and that just makes my heart smile.


jordy liz said...

this is precious. i'm doing this with our kids when that time comes! :)

Rachael Schepemaker said...

seriously...such a great idea! i think i might have to copy your model. what are you gonna do when mason is ready for date night...add him to bennett's? you look absolutely beautiful btw!

Heather said...

Aww, that is awesome. Love the pictures of your love-filled weekend!

(I think date night should always include a new outfit, but that's just me...)

I am loving your hair!

Megan O. said...

what a great valentines day! i love the things you guys do with your kids, they will remember that forever!
and btw, i don't know what you're talking about saying you're not crafty. looks like you're a pretty high ranking homeschooling mom over there!

SomisSurferGirl said...

love it. you look gorgeous!