Friday, February 11, 2011

snow days?

so, i hear its been cold around the country.

ice storms, snow, canceled school.

i spoke with my brother the other day and the wind chill was -20 that morning.

(not to brag or anything... but...) i kinda like that i live where my kids can eat ice cream in the backyard.
(friends, family, are you reading this? please move here... you're gonna love it.)


Heather said...



Sigh...I'll just have to settle for living vicariously through your blog til spring arrives here in Ohio.

JJ said...

Speaking as someone who just survived -28 *without* windchill, I think that was a terribly mean post.

Stef said...

Yeah. Me too. Only if I let me kids out there like that eating ice cream I am sure my nosey neighbors would call CPS. Jerks! Not you, my neighbors.