Monday, September 6, 2010

sunburns, haircuts, and good friends

labor day weekend was filled with lots of fun... hanging out with friends, free kid's craft day at home depot, and getting to know our awesome neighbors who, in spite of the fact that they are young and cool and kid-free actually chose to hang out with us one night.

there were also some haircuts. mason was having a hard time seeing (we put off cutting his hair as long as possible since we still haven't found a safe way to sedate him), bennett has preschool friends to impress and anthony just went for something shorter.

isn't he a hottie?
(don't answer that. because he's mine, ladies.)

bennett was a bit concerned about his dad's drastic hair change. his immediate response was, "daddy, its ok if you wear a hat so no one will laugh at you."

anthony, chuckling: "i don't care if anyone laughs at me, buddy."

gets a little insistent. "but daddy, you can wear a hat. 'cause i don't want anyone to laugh at you. 'cause, daddy... i don't want anyone to hurt your feelings."
such a tender heart, that one.
we also had a big celebration at our church.

didn't know the entire morning was actually going to be spent outside where my fair-skinned little beauty would get a serious sunburn.

seeing ella's red cheeks reminded me of my first ever trip to cancun with my family. it was so fun. especially the first day when i played and played and played in the ocean. but especially not the next 4 days when my sunburn hurt so bad i stayed indoors and watched mexican soaps and slept sitting up because my blistering skin couldn't handle touching the bed.

good times.

i always find it so *sweet* when people get "a little too much sun" and turn a little pink and then say, "oh, but it will turn into a tan by tomorrow."

oh really... how nice for you. because tomorrow, my burn will turn into a billion freckles and sun spots and wrinkles and skin cancer. but hey, i guess that's what you get when your ancestors hail from ireland.

lucky me.

we finished off the 3 day weekend at this really cool park enjoying a free concert with the rest of southern california. we had a cute little picnic dinner and then proceeded to stand in line for the bathroom for the duration of the concert.

su.per. fun.

and now, its off to bed because tomorrow is a pretty big milestone.

first day of school.

first day of kindergarten for ella.

first day of preschool for bennett.

and first day of teaching for mommy.
God help us all.


Heather said...

You make me laugh out loud. Mexican soaps? Oh my.

Good luck on the teaching. What are you doing with the little guy while you're trying to teach? Just curious...

Vicki said...

Enjoy your first day of school... all of you! It'll be great and I can't wait to hear about your adventures in learning.

Aubrey said...

You never fail to crack me up. Love the stories and good luck with the first day!!!

Erin said...

What a great weekend! Hope your first day of school is amazing and awesome :) And if it's not.. there's always the second day of school. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Stef said...

You are a riot. I love your blog!!
First days are overrated. I personally look forward to the second week of school when all remember that they like school and no-one cries. Good luck!
PS Haircuts look great!

jenn said...

I can agree with the sunburn thing. I don't think I've ever had a tan. It's really not fair. lol.

Hope your first week of school is going well.