Thursday, September 23, 2010

nothing like the sound of jackhammering in the morning...

over a year ago, some genius that lived in a house across the street decided to siphon gas out of his non-working car with a shop vac. 

unfortunately for him, the spark of the shop vac and the abundance of gasoline were not a good mix. it burned most of his house down.

when we moved in, we heard the story. 

and then, for the past year, we continue to drive past the "fire house" (as my kids call it), all burned and haunted looking, with an overgrown front yard and a chain link fence lining its perimeter.

it's an eyesore.

and i know we have such things as insurance hurdles and investigations and all that necessary stuff here in our forward-moving civilization. but seriously, i ask myself (or complain to anthony) ever so often, WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG!?!

that is, until this weekend.

early saturday, we heard the wonderful sounds of the demo team filling the air. and the people that never came all year, have proceeded to work non-stop tearing this house apart.

and i wonder, why must we jackhammer up the entire driveway? i didn't think cement was affected by flame.

and why must we start it so early in the morning?

anyhow, this has provided excellent entertainment for my kids.
yeah, i know this looks dangerous.

it is.

for awhile, they weren't allowed to climb up there anymore. not after ella pushed bennett because he was crowding her perch and he fell off onto his back.

it was pretty bad.

so i said, NEVER AGAIN!!!

no more kite flying.

or neighbor spying. (it does just look onto the road, not anyone's backyard or anything... that would be really creepy)

or periscope looking...

but then, as those of us who are weak and desperate often do, i caved.

with all the demo action, the questions started coming, like can we go watch? can we go in the front yard?

people, this would mean i would have to go with them and retrieve mason from oncoming traffic. over and over and over again.

what kind of mother do they take me for?

i'm l.a.z.y.

so yeah, they can climb the teetering tower of plastic chairs once again.

it's educational after all. they have learned so much... jackhammers, cement trucks, construction-ish things, forklifts, bobcats...

and meanwhile, i can do the dishes, or fix dinner, or blog...

its a win-win for us all!


Rachael Schepemaker said...

love it! you crack me up sister!

Heather said...

Just invest in a sturdy step-ladder, then you could blog even longer, with no worries!

My kids always loved construction stuff, too! And none more than Gabe.

Hope the construction goes quickly, for your sake :)

Megan O. said...

i love how you always manage to find the silver lining. you are such an optimist!

Lucia's Mama said...

Hey, I recognize those periscopes...First Saturday of every month, baby!

Joanna said...

um, yeah. I would totally let my kids do that.