Monday, September 13, 2010

our weekend

we went to a potluck (do we still use this word, "potluck"? or is "barbecue" more in these days? someone tell me, please) with homeschoolers from our church. we knew hardly a soul there. and i must say they are quite the cool bunch of people. not a single set of homespun matching denim jumpers among 'em.

we drove out close to the middle of the nowhere. these people have this completely amazing ranch, with pool, tennis courts, winding pathways among ponds and waterfalls...

did i mention we brought mason?
it was my worst nightmare.

i don't think i ever finished a conversation. "hi, and your name is?... oh wait, never mind, my son is about to go headfirst over the bridge."

they all probably think i'm really rude.

but the good news is mason didn't drown.

and really, it was nice to meet some other families in the same boat as us.

but enough about that.

here's the thing.

maybe i should mention, as it seems to happen frequently in my little world, if you are invited to a potluck (or whatever...) it would be *proper* to bring at least enough food to feed your family.

for instance, if you think, "oh, i need to bring a dish. how about a couple celery sticks?" and then you load your family of 8 into the car and off you go, someone is
going to be hungry.

and since your kids are most likely to get their food first and some moms out there are most likely to get their food last...

let's just say 1/2 a brownie doesn't quite the hit the spot.

but hey, enough about that.

we also had the excuse to pretend like we were on vacation. anthony had some work to do a couple hours away so we tagged along and swam in the hotel pool. the kids loved it.
and we got to spend some time with precious family members.

as simple as it may seem, these little over night adventures to hotels are huge for my kids.

ella wrote a little thank you book for her daddy.

"room 106"
by ella

than you daddy
i love you
love, ella

(it's way cuter if you could actually see it, but i can't seem to get the scanner to work and i'm completely impatient and i'm giving up.)

(also, to the people who were in in room 104 and 108, so sorry. it IS so obnoxious, how much noise they make in the middle of the night and how early the day starts...)


Stef said...

Yay. I am totally with you on the potluck thing....I call it potluck. We do a Halloween party every year and it is amazing what people bring or don't bring. Sigh.

Joanna said...

ah, that cracked me up. Especially the homespun matching denim line. I'm going to use that ;).

Heather said...

The stress of going to a non-child-proof place with a kid like Mason (or my Gabe at that age) is unbelievable. I doubt people thought you were rude, just an energetic mom of an insanely busy toddler!

The homespun jumper line is cracking me up, too. Although I think it would make a pretty funny Christmas photo, esp for the friends/family who think you're crazy for homeschooling :)

jordy liz said...

i totally still use potluck. it's not barbecue unless it's all made on teh grill. to me, anyway.

my husband and i won a one-night stay at a local hotel about 20 minutes from our house - but we're treating like a vacation too! it will be a nice getaway. :)

and your kids are so stinkin' adorable.