Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm such a baby

it's over 90 degrees here today.

97 currently, to be exact.

and its officially the first day i've complained about the heat.


i love it here!

and since typically, it doesn't even hit 80 degrees, we don't have air conditioning.

which is what makes days like this quite miserable.

97 degrees. 3 whiny kids. no air conditioning. 

one irritable mommy.

i know, its hard to feel sorry for me when today is the exception. and the rest of the year i can head to the beach in the morning and wear sweatshirts in the evening.

but for today, i complain. i'm a baby like that.

i'm off to sit under the fan and eat ice cream.

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Vicki said...

I'm sorry, but I don't have any sympathy for you. I'm sure you understand :) Well, maybe a little sympathy because of the kids... just not because of 97 degrees haha

Heather said...

It was chilly and rainy and very fall-like in Ohio today, and I loved it. I made a big ole pot of creamy chicken noodle soup and a batch of cornbread, and it was delish.

97 degrees without a/c is also known as H E double-hockey-sticks. And I have every sympathy for you. As long as you stop rubbing in the whole beach in the morning/sweatshirts in the evening bit.

Just sayin...

Stef said...

Hot is hot, no matter when and how often it happens. You poor thing! But now you have an excuse for the ice cream!