Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a series of night time events

do they conspire against me? i do believe so.

these kind of nights happen when daddy is gone.

lucky me.

i'll set the scene for you... the kids and i are visiting my parents while anthony travels, works hard and sleeps well. ella and bennett sleep in their sleeping bags in a guest room with me. your highness:

gets his own room. he needs a tomb-like environment to sleep and we will not risk interrupting his unconsciousness for any reason whatsoever.

so here goes...

it all began shortly after i fell asleep. and ended when i awoke for the day around 5:30 am. (not by my choice, mind you.)

(intermittent, restless sleep filled between the numbers)

1. ella: "mommy, i have to go pee-pee so bad i'm going to pee my pants."

2. ella coming back in to the room and "settling" back to sleep. and accidentally slamming her head into the wall.

3. bennett screaming bloody murder.

4. ella needing medicine for her sore throat. and coughing. and congestion. and sore head.

5. bennett waking with a jolt, bolting out of his sleeping bag with his blankie, turning on the light and looking around him in a complete daze.

6. bennett: "mommy, can i sleep with you?"

7. stop kicking me, bennett!

8. ella's grizzly bear-esque snoring.

9. bennett's elbow in my eye socket.

10. the water softener. which is way louder than it can possibly sound to you.

11. shoving pillows between me and my precious 3 year old since i couldn't find duct tape to keep his flailing arms and feet together and away from my sleep.

12. mason waking up. make bottle, change diaper, plead with God.

13. ella's snoring.

14. alarm clock. at 3 am!!! finally located under a pile of toys and since i couldn't figure out how to turn it off, i ripped the thing apart and restrained myself from chucking it against the wall.

15. bennett's feet breaching the barricade and finding my back.

16. ella's snoring. seriously, must see doctor about this.

17. ella's bloody nose.

18. mason's early wake up call.

and... a good morning to you as well!

please excuse me while i go drink 85 cups of coffee.

(i realize i'm complaining again. my hope is that someday when my kids are older and reading my blog they'll say, "wow, no wonder you were so mean and impatient and haggard-looking all the time. you must have been exhausted!")


Heather said...

That will be AFTER thousands of dollars of therapy required to help them "get over" their mean mommy memories...

Just kidding.

Someday your kids will realize that a tired mommy equals a mean mommy, and a well-rested mommy equals a fun/nice mommy, and they will everything possible to ensure a good-night's rest for you.

At least, I hope that's how it works :)

Thank God for coffee.

lou said...

oh stephanie! thanks for making all of us tired and haggard moms feel a little more normal :)
i have had those nights as well and i get very mean and i mean MEAN... just ask the hubs ;)
at least you've managed to keep a sense of humor about it! i hope a full nights rest is in your very near future.

Shires Family said...

LOVED the pleading w/ God part! I can def identify!! :) So sry u r so sleepless!! :/ R we going to get together soon?? :)

When did I become my Mom said...

Yeh - evry nite @ my house! The kids slowly take over my bedroom and kick my husband out. Lol.

Wishing u sleep filled nites...

Rachael Schepemaker said...

Sounds like my life last night. And mysteriously my hubby slept thru most of it! I miss you! Will I ever get to see you? Maybe we should come up to you. When are you leaving for CA?

Susie said...

Sounds like my life when My Hubs is gone. I'm with ya sister. You have it worse. Your one child ahead of me. :) Coffee was sent directly from God specifically for Mother's. I'm sure of it.

Megan O. said...

How many times can I say this, "You CRACK me up!'. A lot, I guess!