Monday, May 17, 2010

kinda like satan

my parents are from nebraska.
nothing like the good ol' midwest.
back in their parts, people have "dinner" at lunch time and "supper" at dinner time.

i'm sure not all people in the midwest do this, but my folk sure do.
growing up in arizona, we only did this on sundays. after church, we'd have dinner (good ol' meat and potatoes) and then supper at night. (i.e. cereal or whatever we could scrounge up that didn't require more cooking)

this always made perfect sense to me. its all i've ever known.

when i got married, anthony was confused by this. we'd be at my parents talking about eating "dinner" right after church and he's like, "umm... dinner? isn't it noon?" and then later in the day he'd be getting hungry and look at me kinda curious when i handed him the box of cheerios.

poor ol' city boy. he don't know no better.

yesterday, at my parents we had "dinner" at lunch. and ella heard us say dinner and she got all confused and said, "is this dinner? wait... what time is it? did we have lunch yet?"

she'll figure it out...

so last night, after having already made them a fruit smoothie for their "snack" it made perfect logical sense to me to cut straight to s'mores for supper.
i clearly wasn't going to cook something else for them. i mean, its sunday! and we only cook once on sunday!

kids were ecstatic. s'mores for dinner! who ever dreamed of such a thing.
hopefully they went to sleep last night with wonderful, sticky marshmallow memories...

memories that will erase how they began the day yesterday.

because... after pulling an almost all-nighter with mason (seriously, what have i done to deserve this exhausting sentence of sleepdeath?), bennett tried to wake me up a tad too early.

it wasn't pretty. and he didn't take my gracious hint at leaving me alone. i was not about to get out of bed and therefore he needed to go BACK. TO. SLEEP!

he didn't.

then ella started coughing a lot. a. LOT.

"honey, take a drink of water." and then please put the pillow over your face!

(kidding, people, kidding...)

so at breakfast, i needed to do some serious apologizing to my poor kids.

i'm telling them how sorry i am for being so mean this morning and impatient with bennett's incessant 5:30 am talking...

my mom, trying to make me feel better says to my kids, "well, i'm sure mommy wasn't that mean to you, was she?"

ella raises her eyebrows and says, "um, yeah. she was kinda like satan."

nobody's perfect.


The Mommy said...

hey, I've heard some people say it that way but I had no idea it was mid-western thing. Gotta love the no cooking for supper part though!!

Heather said...

After pulling all nighters at the hospital twice a week, there are many evenings when my kids would agree with Ella's assessment...I all but sprout horns and grow a forked tongue some evenings.

Our Sundays are much the same around here with the dinner/supper thing. We're all starving right after church, so that's our big meal; evening time? you're on your own.

Great pictures!

Shires Family said...

Hahahaha!! I just laughed so hard I woke Landon up! That is amazing!

Erin said...

Maybe I shouldn't be laughing but I totally am. Hang in there :)

Susie said...

Ella already has your sense of humor. Love it. :)

Vicki said...

I grew up in Kansas City and we had dinner for lunch, supper at night. On Sundays we had big meal at dinner (lunch), scrounge for supper. My favorite supper was in third grade: we had tuna sandwiches, hershey bars & strawberry pop. I will never forget that! Thanks for the memories & the laugh...

lou said...

that's too much!!!! you are such a great writer. i love the last pic :)

Lisa said...

did you already have that picture taken before Ella said that? How did they know?! :) Oh man, you're doing a great job, even though it probably doesn't feel like it. A good friend of mine just encouraged me with this the other day- God delights in your sacrifices that you make all day long as a mom.... I was so encouraged by that because so many things we give up, do, whatever you wanna call it, go unnoticed or we're not thanked for it like we'd like to be. So God delights in your sleep sacrificing! I'll bet in heaven, there's a great big fluffy soft bed just waiting for you. Hang in there!!! :):):)