Thursday, May 13, 2010

for those concerned

(i'm sure you've been able to think of little else beyond sleep-deprived me over here...)

last night was a little better.

i think...

ella had a monstrous bloody nose. lots of gagging and horrified crying. it was bad.

so i settle into bed, with ella next to me and fortunately, she kept her feet all to herself. and i only rolled her snoring face away from me like 3 times. not bad.

bennett really didn't feel well and kept waking up telling me he was mad at his nose and needed tissue and couldn't breathe. i got him some medicine but it didn't seem to help too much since he kept waking (me) up. then i woke up with his cute little face in mine, holding his blankie saying, "move over, mom. i want to sleep with you."

fat chance little kicking boy.
"sorry, buddy. its ella's turn. you can sleep with me tomorrow night."

"move over! we can both sleep with you!"

oh, maybe you don't know how selfish i actually am. i will not share a bed with both of you. oh no, i will not.

he finally gave up and settled back on his bed.

then i wake up to his pouty little voice saying, "tomorrow, when i talk to daddy, i'm going to tell him you would NOT let me sleep with you!"

ok tattle-tale. but until then can you stop talking to me?

shortly after, when he woke up again, i decided a little more benadryl couldn't hurt so i poured him a cup and he slept like a baby.

(wait, did i say like a baby? 'cause that would mean he was up all night crying. i should say he slept like the father of a baby. very sound.)

and mason was only up once. and then when he woke up for the day at 5:15, i took him some cars and toys and he played in his crib until after 6! praise Jesus! i take back every evil thing i ever said about that angelic little child. i love you, mason! so it was a good night over here.

i guess...

actually, it still sounds kinda pathetic to me.

but my mom and dad make good coffee so we are going to make it!


Lucia's Mama said...

"Like the father of a baby."...I am DEFINITELY going to start using that. Brilliant!

Stef said...

OH you poor mama! I have a little bed...actually it is a thin blanket and flat pillow that I pull out from under my bed that kids who wonder in at 2am have their own little place to sleep. Ahh...Benedryl was a great idea there!!

The Mommy said...

haha, I'm sorry to laugh at your misery but the way you write always cracks me up!

Megan O. said...

Oh how I wish I had your quick wit. How do you think so fast on so little sleep? Think how over the top your sense of humor would be if you were getting a FULL night's sleep! I hope I still know you then!!