Monday, July 21, 2008

what shall we do today?

good news... joshua's surgery went well. thanks for your prayers.

here at our house we were discussing what we would do the rest of the day. i mentioned that daddy has a softball game we could go to, although it is at 6 pm and will still be absurdly hot at that time of day. bennett would be happy to never have to be at home and instantly repeated over and over "dada's game" "dada's game" "dada's game."

as i listened to him and saw his excitement i began to question the wisdom of announcing this option to them. last week daddy had a game at 6 that we went to and i was thrilled when ella urgently had to pee, which found us in a freezing cold, overly air conditioned bathroom. i think we maybe spent 3 innings there. its hot, i'm huge and i'm not quite sure i have it in me to try again this week.

ella can read minds. as bennett is still repeating "dada's game," she eagerly offers, "mommy, don't worry. if it gets too hot i'll just blow in your face."

well, that should help. looks like we are going to the game tonight.

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Teri said...

You are brave! I don't think I ever left the house last summer.