Wednesday, July 2, 2008

happy birthday to my hot husband

today is a special day to honor anthony. while i feel that many of the reasons i love my husband are obvious, such as his love for the Lord, his love for me and our kids, the way he sacrifices for us and serves us... i was thinking this morning of some other reasons i love him that maybe i don't tell him often enough. so here goes... (this list is not all inclusive)
  1. he killed the scorpion in the kitchen last week (and all other bugs that terrify me)
  2. he gets up in the morning with the kids even when i say, "no, honey, i've got them," from under the covers
  3. he really is a deep sleeper and not faking it all the other early mornings and in the middle of the night
  4. he doesn't mind cleaning up after the kids when they have the stomach flu (maybe this should be number one)
  5. he turns off the tv anytime i start talking to him. well, except when it is the end of a really good game and then he mutes it. but he always turns and looks directly at me
  6. he doesn't even glance at my rear end when telling me that i am "all baby" with my weight gain this pregnancy
  7. he cleans the bathrooms... and the rest of the house
  8. he watches the office with me, even though steve carell humor isn't exactly his
  9. to copy from ella's father's day list: he goes to the grocery store. oh, and of course the changing of bennett's diaper as well
  10. he never rolls his eyes, groans, or even appears to ignore me when i fill him in on my latest really good book and all the characters and plot lines that i know he really couldn't care less about. last night he even asked me about a book i read a couple of weeks ago that i had told him ALL about. and he didn't laugh too hard when i told him i still really missed those people.
  11. he plays games with me... cards, rummikub, etc... even though it must get really old to lose all the time :)
  12. when we go somewhere as a family, he always drives us. this may sound silly, but i tend to think it a bit odd when i see women driving their families around with the husband sitting in the passenger seat. obviously there are exceptions like broken legs, blindness, and raging drunkenness. but i do appreciate that anthony always drives. i think it is very gentlemanly.
  13. he has this ability, when he is being really, really annoying, of still making me laugh. come to think of it, i kinda hate that...
  14. when i have spent time with friends or family, he always asks me all about them. and remembers past details about them. he really cares about what (and who) is important to me.
  15. he does all the yard work, car maintenance, finances, takes out the trash, feeds jake, etc... i never even have to think about it.
  16. when we have steak for dinner, he always gives me the best cut
  17. he gives the kids baths. really, it is very difficult to bend over and bathe the squirmy children while in my 3rd trimester.
  18. he is a fantastic father (even though i'm pretty sure i'll have an ulcer someday from all the daredevil tricks, flips and stunts he does with the kids)
  19. he really and truly is my best friend


Rachael Schepemaker said...

Should we clone him? Happy Birthday Anthony! You rock Steph -- your sweet comments about Anthony make me want to go kiss Hanky :-) I don't know how that is connected but it is. We need these men even though they do drive us nuts every once in awhile. Check out our blog from today -- I thought of Ella while posting it :-)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Anthony! Isn't it great when we think of the BLESSING we have in our husbands and the "little things" we tend to take for granted some (most days). You guys are an awesome couple and too cute family! Best Wishes for another happy birthday and blessed year!Thanks for the checklist Stephanie, it was a good reminder for me too!

be_a_Mary said...

Hi Stephanie!! So glad to find your blog!! What a wonderful tribute to your hubby!!
karen (robin's friend)

lmngirls said...

Hey, when you guys used to live out here in Cali. for that brief episode, I used to tease Dan and say, "Why can't you be more like Anthony.... " That phrase is so making a comeback after reading your tribute...

Charlotte said...


Awww ... what a beautiful post!!!! I've decided that true, honest, pure love between a man and woman really is as good as it gets this side of Heaven!!! Can't wait for mine, when he comes :) So happy for you both!!! Thank you for sharing such sweet details from your lives. And, I will say prayers for you as you approach your final weeks of pregnancy.