Sunday, June 15, 2008

reasons my daddy is the best daddy ever

(as told to mommy by ella)
  1. does things kind

  2. cause he's a sweet daddy

  3. pushes me so high and i go to outer space (on the swing)

  4. tells me tony bologna and ej stories

  5. cuts really careful with the knife
  6. drives the car and drives us to "old" mcdonalds

  7. feeds jake and sometimes he feeds oakley (our neighbor's dog)

  8. grabs our sippy cups before we go

  9. talks on his phone right away

  10. changes bennett's diaper

  11. opens the kitchen door when i want my treat... and sometimes you do too, mommy

  12. plays with me

  13. rocks me when i'm a baby

  14. eats dinner so well

  15. makes dinner sometimes

  16. waters the plants

  17. turns on the water if my hands are dirty

  18. heats up food and gives food to me

  19. does something i need

  20. turns on the movie

  21. reads stories with me

  22. goes to the grocery store with me

  23. goes to the grocery store with nobody

  24. gives us vitamins

  25. gets a band aid for me when i get owies sometimes

  26. wipes bennett's nose sometimes

  27. does his work out

  28. baptizes people sometimes

  29. brushes my hair and gives me a bath
for these reasons, and many, many more... we are excited father's day is here for another chance to say how much we love you, daddy. thanks for your love, attention, sacrifice and endless storage of energy. life is better because of you.

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Poppa said...

Thank you Anthony for being such an awesome husband and father. I am very proud of you.