Monday, June 16, 2008

happy birthday, bennett!

the big man is officially 2. we celebrated his birthday yesterday. no extravagant fanfare. no pony rides or clowns. just a simple family party with lots of love and laughter. we just returned from our family vacation to california (more to come on that... i know, you can hardly wait!) and i simply didn't have the energy to plan a birthday party. truth be told, he doesn't know the difference.

birthdays for my children find me a bit sentimental. and combined with pregnancy hormones for this particular birthday, also a tad more emotional than usual. my kids are growing up. the years go by way too fast (although there are some days that seem to drag on for an eternity). our life is good and filled with so many happy times. i love the life God has given me.

bennett is such a wonderful little blessing in our lives. he is practically bursting at his little boyhood seams with joy and energy. he is rarely found without a smile lighting his entire face and shining out his eyes. his laugh and squeal (or is it high pitched scream?) fill our house with joy. and where his energy comes from, i'm not too sure. he loves to run like crazy, and it almost looks like his body won't be able to keep up with his determination and excitement. he loves to tackle his sister. sometimes she's game, other times not so much. those are the times i say, "bennett, run some laps." and he takes off with a squeal of laughter to run countless circles around the couches. he appears to be living life to the fullest, even at the ripe old age of 2. and i must add, he loves to give kisses and hugs. what a little lovebug he is.

amidst my sentimental, emotional thoughts, i think of bennett's birth and how close we were to a tragic outcome. i'm reminded of how God has always looked after us, and after bennett and how our lives are always in his hands. bennett truly is a gift from him. (so is ella, of course. but more on her october 8th!)

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Poppa said...

Happy Birthday Bennett
Sorry we weren't there to help you celebrate. You are right Stephanie about children be a gift from God. How I thank God for my loving wife, my beautiful and loving children( Oh so many times I thought I had blown it being a good father, God is sooo merciful),and all of my Awesome grand children.