Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the joy of summer

this time of year brings out the worst in me. (well, that and sleep deprivation.) as the temperature begins its seemingly unending upward climb here in phoenix, i take advantage of every opportunity to express how much i dislike this sweltering desert. and really, the reasons are endless and bear repeating almost daily amidst my misery. so, i thought i would try a different tactic this year. maybe a little reverse psychology would help and i can list all the great things about summer. so here goes...

1. air-conditioning. seriously, i can't believe people live in temperatures like this and survive without it. or work outside. one day a UPS driver delivered a package and i asked him if his truck had a/c. he said no, but some days it is so hot he can turn on the heater and it is actually cooler than the air. this is sick. he, and all other faithful drivers bringing packages to my door so i don't have to run errands in my hot car, deserve a raise.

2. electricity. i can listen to the sweet hum of the air conditioning thanks to good old benjamin franklin and his kite. thanks, man. not only have you enabled my air-conditioning to save me, you have also allowed my popsicles to stay frozen and the tv to work so my kids have something to do while stuck indoors.

3. my wonderful husband. he loves to grocery shop and run all misc errands so i don't have to drag my kids around in this heat. he also listens when my lists aren't so positive and finds way to make life more comfortable.

4. strawberries, mangoes, cherries and other miscellaneous fresh fruit. summer is the best time for these, and they are usually cheaper. or so my husband tells me since he's the one shopping for them.

5. ice cream. my dad always made the world's best homemade ice-cream. what a wonderful legacy he has passed on to me and to his grandchildren. thanks, dad.

6. our pool. it's only 12 inches deep and we can't fit the whole family in it at once, but it was about $13 and worth every penny.

7. high gas prices. really, i was looking for an excuse to not have to drive around town and lug my kids in and out of a hot car. now i can stay home and eat popsicles.

8. parents who live up north. its only just over an hour away, but much cooler. it also often comes with free babysitting and lots of relaxing.

9. in-laws who live in san diego. really, is there a better place to go within driving distance in the summer? can't wait to go to the beach, and possibly even need a long sleeve shirt for the evenings! can you imagine!?!

10. less laundry to wash. why? because the kids rather enjoy running around in diapers/choneys when it is this hot. why bother getting them dressed?

11. dominos. it sure is much easier to justify pizza, or some other take-out, when its too hot to cook. and of course, my husband is always happy to pick it up.

12. compassionate friends. i have one dear friend who lives in northern california who checks our weather almost daily to feel my pain. thanks, sara. i love you too!
happy summer!

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lmngirls said...

Love your outlook on gas, I second that.... and those sextuplets above are amazing and impressive. I guess, I'm not as busy as I thought!