Thursday, June 5, 2008

happy birthday!

the masche sextuplets turn 1 on june 11th! what beautiful, happy babies they are. as if this year wasn't already a marathon of its own, jenny and bryan ran a marathon this past weekend! wow! i have been beyond blessed by the testimony of the masche family and the ways God has strengthened them, provided for them and been glorified through the way they live.

and seriously, could you imagine if this was your life?!? you amaze me, jenny!


Greg & Joanna said...

Wow, that is so cool to see that photo Stephanie! Those babies look so healthy & happy, and I can't even believe the parents ran a marathon this past weekend. That is an amazing and wonderful testimony!

And I had to laugh at your summer list, that was cracking me up. I feel the same way, I don't know why we punish ourselves and live here some days.

Nicole said...

AMEN! The Masche Family are a true testimony to God's faithfulness. Those babies are BLESSED!