Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"wow, being sick is sometimes a little bit of fun." -ella

thanks to many wonderful people in our lives, ella has been sufficiently spoiled.

care packages, visitors, and even a gift card for when she's feeling up for some ice cream.

there is something special about people loving on your kids.

so... thanks, people.

and as a result of all the crafty gifts she has received, she's been all about art lately. this weekend, while the germ-free part of the family was at church, ella said, "i have art class all set up for us."

there is something therapeutic about leaving the dirty dishes to sit and draw with your 6 year old. and i must say, there is an advantage to having just experienced the misery known as the first trimester.


the feeling of not wanting to do a single thing, like get off the couch, brush my teeth, or smile at my children, is still very fresh in mind. that is why i have no problem saying, "sure, you can watch another movie. no, you don't need to clean up your room. why, of course you can have oreos for breakfast."

there were days just a couple months ago i wasn't sure i was going to make it. all i could do was count down the minutes to naptime.
i'd get mason to sleep, allow the older two to do whatever quiet thing they could find and remind them they may not come out of their room unless the house is on fire...

and i'd slip into a coma.

and then it never failed. the sweet voice of my precious middle born child would penetrate my much needed sleep.


i didn't even let him finish. i figured he'd be crying if his arm were severed.


"but mommy -"

"get out now, bennett. and don't come back in."

i'd fall back asleep. then he'd come back and whisper. (like that is so much better.)

"mommy, can we have fruit snacks?"

"mommy, i'm really sorry to wake you up again, but ella was just touching my legos."

"mommy, i don't want to wake you up but i have to go to the bathroom and is it ok if i flush the toilet or is that too loud?"

"mommy. i'm really sorry to wake you up again. but... mommy, ella called me a

oh. dear. God. help me.

its pretty safe to say that the first trimester was not my most effective stage of motherhood. hopefully that thing about children being resilient is true.

anyhow, back to ella. she's doing ok. she insists she's totally fine. never mind the temperature. the persistent irritability, the exhausted look always on her face. but hopefully she'll be completely recovered sometime in the next couple weeks.

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