Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dear son,

its true. i really wanted you to be a girl.

but i've decided to love you anyway.


ps sleep is a good thing.


Vicki said...

Congratulations on the new man in your life, Stephanie! I'm thrilled for you.

Heather said...

Tell Ella that although sisters can be great, they would just steal your clothes, play with your Barbies and compete for your boyfriends.

Being the only girl in a house of brothers will not be all bad.

ps. congratulations! Hope this one is a bit more mellow for you :)

Megan O. said...

I was just wondering if you'd found out yet and clicked on your blog and here it is! Wow, 3 boys! If anyone has the mental fortitude, the strength of will, and the all-around awesomeness to handle it, its you! Congratulations!