Sunday, July 10, 2011

adventures at the beach

saturday started as a cozy morning with breakfast at the beach.

(that is, if you actually count doughnuts as breakfast and not just some fancy, sugar filled, fried dessert they just so happen to serve in the morning...)we watched surfers, dolphins, beach tractors. all with cozy, cloudy, perfect weather.

the kids dug and splashed and ran their little legs off.
ella and bennett made a new friend and they dug pools and made houses and made me slightly concerned that my little mono girl was possibly overdoing it. but to see this huge smile on her face... i just decided to let her have her fun.
and then, there was the huge wave that crashed into the kids. all fun and games until it carried mason away, underwater and all, while i'm grabbing for him and his shirt is getting ripped out of my hands and my feet get stuck in a hole and i can't reach him and i'm panicking because i can just see part of his swimsuit while all of him is rolling away in the water and my legs won't move fast enough...

and then ella's new friend's daddy came to the rescue and snatched mason up before he was washed out to sea. (he also just so happens to be ryan shappelle from 24, and also stars in naughty shows like sopranos and nurse jackie that i've never seen. but nevertheless, he spent most of the day with us and was super nice and will forever be my hero for saving my son's life.)

my "subtle picture" of our new friend, lifesaver, CTU director...

anyhow, it was horrible and dramatic and i stopped shaking by dinner.

mason, as exasperating as you can be sometimes, i would have been horribly devastated if you drowned.

so glad you lived to wake me up 3 times last night...

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Heather said...

Gosh, sometimes life is SoCal is so hard...

Maybe next time you could arrange a rescue by Daniel Craig. He looks HOT in a suit...hello, Casino Royale?

But seriously, glad Mason is okay, and you, too. How scary!