Thursday, January 27, 2011

things i would spend my christmas money on if it weren't so depressing

  1. a swing set. or some such fun for the kids in the backyard. i often wonder if they tire of digging in the same little patch of dirt or if bennett actually enjoys pulling ella around in the wagon while they play "queen." (poor little sucker)
  2. a new vacuum cleaner. is it too much to want clean carpet without the lingering odor of a wet dog? and no, we don't have a dog. also, it would be nice to have a vacuum that can handle hair. it seems every time anthony vacuums he ends up crouched over it upside down and pointing out all the hair wrapped up inside it. long, dark hair. he doesn't come out and say it, but his eyes accuse: "this is yours." and i don't come out and say it but my eyes defend: "yes indeed. or ella's. and we don't exactly just yank it out of our head and scatter it about the floor to annoy you. it just happens."
  3. scented candles. in light of number 2, i would love some yummy candles to cozy up the place. but why oh why are the good ones so dang expensive?
  4. a new flatiron. it seems that things that plug in are practical. i don't want to spend my money on practical. i'd rather be excessive.
  5. running pants. there are actually days its freezing around here in the morning. but i hate the idea of spending $25+ on a pair of pants i won't need in a few months. especially when i can just keep running in the shorts i've had for 10 years. nike never goes out of style... right?
  6. books. dear library, can you branch out a bit? and i have no problem spending money on some great classics to add permanently to my bookshelves. but rather, i'd like my library to stock some great, possibly shallow, page turners.
  7. an apron. i like all those fun little cute aprons i see everywhere. however, buying one for myself to do such a task as kitchen work... i'd probably put it on in the morning and end up wearing it all day. that's sorta depressing.
  8. fun coffee cups. my "matching set" is down to 2. the others are a garage sale looking hodge podge. why do i not want to spend money on coffee cups? i don't know... maybe because they hide out in the cupboard all day.
  9. place mats for my table. something besides the plastic map of america and abc's. i'd like some cute ones that can sit on my table and make it look all pretty. the impracticality of this purchase is the 3 little children in my home. enough said.


Vicki said...

Great list! When our kids were all little we had plastic place mats shaped like cartoon characters. For years. When I finally bought grown up pretty place mats I cried. Literally. Then I refused to let anyone use them. Hang in there...

jordy liz said...

my list grows every day... i have been wanting a new vacuum for ages! they have cute and pretty cheap coffee mugs and placemats at crate & barrel.

i'm afraid to even make my list...