Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new years resolutions

i really don't make new years resolutions. i'm realistic about myself. if i haven't already followed through on a certain life change, january 1st certainly isn't going to motivate me to do it this time. especially for 365 days.

and then i overheard my husband's resolution. "i really just want to love Jesus more. if i focus on that, i believe the other important stuff in my life will fall into place."

yes. of course. me too, thank you.

so that being said, i know i have some other things that possibly need some attention in my life...

here goes:
  1. read good stories (not that lame disney and dora rubbish they smuggle home from the library) to my kids at bedtime instead of counting the seconds until 8:00
  2. decide on paint color for mason's room. its ridiculous its still pink. we've only lived here for 14 months...
  3. bathe children more frequently. in the olden days, i know they only bathed once a week before the Good Lord's Day, but it wouldn't kill us to at least throw in one other day of the week (if this is totally disgusting to you, then yes, of course i'm joking)
  4. mop floor more consistently. do not wait for my 4 year old to say, "mommy, can we please mop today. my feet keep getting so dirty."
  5. ditto on sliding glass door. "mommy, can you please clean the window. i can't see the backyard."
  6. try to clean bathrooms more often and not just when company comes over. or at least put a sticky note as to where the toilet paper is stored so they don't have to ask me. again.
  7. read more classics. and not put important books like dobson's "bringing up girls" or tripps "shepherding a child's heart" on the shelf indefinitely when my dear friend passes along the latest gripping page turner. (that being said, hunger games was completely awesome, and if you have something else that good, please send it my way. immediately. thank you.)
  8. attempt to clean out minivan more often. if we each carry in 4 items off the floor each trip, it should be looking pretty good by summer.
  9. spend more time planning fun, creative learning opportunities for my inquisitive children to enrich and expand their lives and spend less time on facebook, blogs, and googling such things as "boot sale."
  10. drink less coffee. get more sleep.
  11. eat less chocolate. (not gonna happen)
  12. respond with excitement when i'd rather respond with sarcasm. example: "mom, how about we pack a lunch and get all our sand toys and spend the whole day at the park." will respond with, "that sounds awesome! lets bring a kite, your bikes and a soccer ball!" instead of, "i'd rather rip my own fingernails off."
so, from my disorganized, filthy home to yours... happy 2011!


Heather said...

As per usual, your post had me cracking me up, which was exactly what I needed after a painful 7 hours of nursing classes! Thank you.

Have you read "My Name is Memory"? Oh.my.word. LOVELY story, I think you would love it.

(I only clean my bathrooms when company is coming or I can't stand the smell of boy pee on the floor. Really, us moms have much more important things to do.)

Rachael Schepemaker said...

well said anthony, well said :-)

Stef said...

You are so funny. I love your list. Your floor sounds like mine...where there are more sticky spots than clean...ugh!
I love your husband's goal. Maybe I should do that too.

JJ said...

I am a filthy momma too. :)

Vicki said...

Very funny! Sounds like my house when I had kids at home... When you're on the computer check out flylady.net. She seriously has a workable plan for keeping your house more enjoyable to live in. I wish I had found her when the kids were home... so do they! Happy New Year

Raising them in Christ said...

Steph, you crack me up! Question, what is hunger games?

debby94 said...

I just LOVE you Stephanie! Thanks for the laugh and encouragment of knowing that I am not alone!

Aubrey said...

ha! stephanie, as usual you are totally relatable and hilarious. how do you manage to do it time and time again? :)
i think i'll just copy all of your resolutions and pretend they are my own.
i love the commenter who said she only cleaned the bathroom when she "can't stand the smell of boy pee on the floor". i'm right there with ya girl! two little boys with a bad aim and a habit for not flushing makes for one lovely bathroom ;)
happy new year!

The Lindgren's said...

Yipee...I am not alone and neither are you! And the cherry on top..our husbands love us in-spite of it all.

Megan O. said...

are we twins separated at birth? i totally have that same thought about the bath thing--"well, in the olden days they only bathed for church".

angie said...

Phil always says, "When I was a kid I had a bath every week whether I needed it or not."

Ummm, was there ever a week you didn't need it?