Monday, March 29, 2010

lately i...

... have been obsessing over what my children are going to wear to my brother's wedding in a couple weeks. typically, i'm great with hand-me-downs and whatever clean thing can be found in the closet. but for some reason, i've decided to visit every children's clothing store on the west coast in order to find the perfectly coordinated attire for the wee ones, since this clearly falls into the "special occasion" category and happens to also be the week after easter (therefore: 2-for-1 special occasion attire). and i'm super excited that i found great little ties and hats and such for the boys and a gorgeous dress for ella. the "problem" is that they don't co-ordinate with each other. brown and blue and khaki and plaid ties do not so much match black and white polka dots. so i've looked some more. but my heart is sorta set on ella's dress. as well as on the boys ties. and hats. i really dislike shopping. goodness gracious... being materialistic and shallow is exhausting.

... read just courage by gary haugen. and its a great book. very inspiring and i will go ahead and say it should be a must read for you all out there. haugen is the founder/president of IJM (international justice mission) and allows his life to be used by God in some pretty phenomenal ways to fight injustice around the world. challenging and convicting all at the same time.

...have been watching "food, inc." usually, documentaries make me yawn. but i've been pleasantly surprised (and even learn something!) when i make the time to watch. for instance, "expelled." fantastic. "march of the penguins." totally fascinating. and now... food inc. its eye-opening and makes me want to move to my own personal farm with my own chickens and cows and plant my own crops. but i won't, of course. instead, i'll just feel more guilty every time i open a box of mac n cheese or feed my kids from a fast food restaurant.

... read "the empty pot" with my kids. loved it. also fun: "tops and bottoms"

... have been flossing my kids teeth every night. this is really annoying to me, especially considering i don't even take the time to floss my own teeth. but recently, we took the kids to the dentist and they both had cavities. i feel personally responsible for this. between giving them probably too much sugar and then considering it a personal sorta break when i send them to brush their own teeth unsupervised, i've most certainly played a part. hopefully they'll forgive me someday.


Heather said...

I wanna live on my own farm, too. But most likely never will...I'll join you on the guilt wagon.

Oh, and the cavities? I'm right there with you on that one, too.

Lisa said...

i'm so with you on the flossing thing! it's so nice to just send them in to brush on their own, and then they come back 30 seconds later. at that point i can make the decision to help them do it again, or what i usually do, just leave it. teda has an appointment tomorrow because her tooth hurts- i'm afraid of what they'll see!!! good for you flossing their teeth each day! :)

Stef said...

I think EVERY mother takes cavities in their child's mouth to heart. Oh the guilt!! UGH!! Good thing they have an extra pair.
(Found you on Mama's Losing It!)