Tuesday, March 9, 2010

its my anniversary...

...and all i want is some orange juice, hot tea, and my children to play quietly and happily and not need anything at all until anthony comes home. (oh, and maybe a gallon of milk so i don't have to haul all of us to the grocery store.)

if you would have asked me 9 years ago how i'd be celebrating my anniversary today, i'd have pictured a tropical location and a brightly colored umbrella in my drink. i wouldn't have guessed it would include coughs, fevers, headaches, snot, amoxicillin, and little boy feet kicking my back all. night. long.

but alas, such is life.

and a happy anniversary to my hubby.

so i interviewed my children today to get their take on marriage.

why do people get married?
bennett: well, because they are supposed to. right?
ella: to have kids

how old was daddy when he got married?
bennett: 4
ella: 18

when are you getting married?

bennett: i'm not going to marry ANYONE! (thinks for a little bit)... well, except maybe the leamans
me: all of them? (there are 4)
bennett: sure.
ella: well, i just haven't decided yet.

how does someone get married?

bennett: by eating a lot of chicken. because it has protein in it. (what?)
ella: they find a husband and ask them if they can get married. then the wife rides in a carriage and then they find a pond and they go under the water and come right back up and they are married!
(so maybe we have baptism and marriage a little mixed up...)

how much did mommy's ring cost?

bennett: $5. no, actually, i think it was probably expensive. $6
ella: like $50

what does a wife do for her husband?

bennett: cook.

ella: cook. (and i even asked them at different times.)

what does the husband do?

bennett: plays pillow fights with the kids while the wife does the dishes.
(well... someone gets to be the fun parent.)

ella: goes to work to make money for his wife

what is love?
bennett: God
ella: when you love someone you buy them presents so that they can be happy.

how does daddy show mommy how much he loves me?
bennett: stop asking me questions!!!

ella: he buys you flowers. and he takes us out on dates so you can stay home alone.

how does mommy show daddy how much i love him?
ella: by cooking meals for him and doing all his dishes. (apparently, i make being a wife look real glamorous around here...)

here is where it would be cute to add some picture of my kids or one of anthony and i. but i'd rather go back and lay on the couch before my head explodes.

love you, honey. happy anniversary.


When did I become my Mom said...

Happy Anniversary sweetie!

Loved the kids interview. :-)

Heather said...

Your wedding looks like something from a fairy tale! I love that picture!

Cute interview. At least your kids participate; mine run away screaming (well, Joe does; the kids just ignore me...)

Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you'll get that umbrella drink later?

Lisa said...

congratulations on your anniversary! that's awesome, and where did you get married? it's BEAUTIFUL! i'm loving the interview you did. your kids are just adorable. :)

debby94 said...

Happy Anniversary Stephanie & Anthony!

Heather said...

Happy anniversary! I asked Ty (my 4 yr. old) if he would marry me, and he already knew that kids couldn't marry their parents. Oh well.