Tuesday, January 26, 2010

soccer observations: week 2

1. 2 hours is a looooonnnggg time to keep a toddler in a stroller. thank goodness for fruit snacks, granola bars, sunglasses, chapstick lids and all miscellaneous items i've yet to clean out of my diaper bag accumulated over the last year. or 3.oh, and of course, thanks for the proximity of the soccer field to the airport. airplanes are a fascinating novelty when you are 16 months.

2. some children are aggressive. some run full speed ahead, without concern of falling, running into another child or getting hurt. and some run like my daughter. on her tiptoes, sorta skipping through the air, more or less like a princess. with her mouth in a sheepish smile and her tongue sticking into her cheek. all she's missing is a teacup in her dainty little hand. pinkies up! 3. "what!?! i have mud on my face!?!" mud is not as much fun when splashing on my face while running. however, its completely awesome while playing in the ditch at halftime. 4. if you want your 3 year-old to actually run at the game, just skip ahead to the end where the parents do that silly little tunnel thing. its amazing to see just how much energy must have been in reserves. its like a race to see how many times you can get through it before the fun ends. 5. it must be nice to have supportive parents at your game. unlike those poor kids on the other team with the psychotic parents, yelling at their kids and arguing with the ref. seriously, people. chill out. its too bad all those kids can't have normal, perfect parents like me who will never ever embarrass their kids.


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Heather said...

I love your soccer observations!

Gabe played against a team last fall in which the girls were doing ballerina moves on the field, and two of the boys were sucking their thumbs.

Yeah, Gabe scored thirteen goals that game. He was the only kid who actually "got it"...

I can't believe the baby actually stays in the stroller that whole time. Wow!

And I'm sure you will never embarrass your kids. Just like me.