Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

we very well may have alienated some of our only friends here last throwing quite possibly the most boring new years eve party there ever was.

in my defense, for my poor party planning skills, i did almost die this week.

(and by that, i am of course just trying to communicate that i was really, really sick. sick enough that my kids might actually have mr. magorium's wonder emporium memorized. its seems to be the one movie they don't get sick of watching over and over and over and... and i don't get sick of it either. its quite a cute movie. and not annoying. more than tolerable, i must say. especially when anticipating the explosion of my head while moaning on the couch.)

but back to the party...

don't get me wrong, i actually do find it fun to look at facebook pictures of people i've never met and hear stories about the college i didn't go to. and truthfully, i wonder how i ended up to be so lucky. it appears as though i found the only man to ever graduate from this bible college without finding his wife there. everyone else seems to have gotten hitched to so-and-so's roommate, or my best friend, or that one girl who hung out with that one girl. not anthony. he held out for me. he must have a soft-spot for girls attending those heathen state-run universities.

i find sitting around conversing (aka quality time) to be my ideal love language. lets talk about our hopes and dreams and how particular successful men in the world will always be scum in our eyes since they can't honor their marriage vows, i don't care how much money you make, how talented you are or how good the economy is, tiger and bill and such like you all...

but i realize that this party wasn't exactly hopping.

however, it is worth noting that our children did exceptionally well.

case in point:
toasting at midnight. yeah, they stayed up the entire time with no drama, fighting, etc... they played super well together. (and special thanks to christina who helped them line up just right at the line of the kitchen so they could watch the ball drop at midnight without actually spilling their sparkling pear bubbly drink in the living room.) (also note, bennett has no idea why the huge ball dropping and everyone kissing each other on tv is such a big deal. apparently i never prepared him for such things in life.)

so anyhow, happy new year!

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lmngirls said...

We loved your "hoppin" party, it was just our speed...In ten years when we can ditch the kids and go out on the town, we'll show our true colors! Until then eating cookie dough desserts with the kids is just my cup of tea!