Monday, August 17, 2009

best ever

in honor of the birthday of my precious little nephew, allow me to direct you to my most favorite blog post ever. you may have read it before, but if not... boy, have you been missing out on something your whole life...

so please, click on over and be moved and inspired:

best blog post ever

happy birthday, josh.

(don't forget to do your part to help bring an orphan home. enter the contest! lucky winner will be drawn on friday.)


Charlotte said...

Stephanie, this totally brought me to tears. Thanks, friend. You bring a lot of goodness to my life by making me laugh out loud with your writing quite OFTEN, pointing me to posts like this, sending me the occasional love note. :) I'm glad we're friends ... despite distance.

Jennifer said...

What an awesome post. It hurts my heart to think of any child out there with out a family... and sweet little Josh!! I could just squeeze him :)
Happy Birthday Josh!! **Hugs!**