Friday, December 5, 2008

"if it ain't broke..."

one sunday, not too long ago, i was almost convinced that my husband was smoking crack. he had just come out from putting bennett down for his nap and with a slightly sheepish smile informed me, "so i went ahead and took the front off of bennett's crib." (to make it a semi-big-boy bed.) to which i responded something along the lines of, "have you lost your mind?"

as if our lives aren't crazy enough, lets go ahead and uncage the 2 year old at nap time. at the current state of things, my philosophy is to keep life as easy as possible. the ability to chuck bennett in his crib and keep him there was part of this equation. anthony said he explained to bennett that he can't get off his bed. yeah, good luck with that, i thought to myself. and then, instead of making it an "issue" i resolved myself to simply wait until the next day when anthony was at work and i could innocently put the crib back together and inform daddy that it just simply didn't work out.

well, surprise, surprise. bennett was ready for the transition. he loves his bed and does not get off, even when he wakes up. he calls for us and waits for us to get him. this is shocking to me and its all thanks to daddy for having a little faith.

so this week we made the transition official by putting the real big-boy bed in his room. yep, my boy is growing up...

the big-boy bed "christening"


Rachael Schepemaker said...

Is this Ella's old bed? What a big boy! I bet he is happy.

Tonya said...

That is exactly how it would happen in our house as well, except Ben knows I would wring his neck if he did that! ;) It's encouraging to hear that he did so well with the transition, I think we'll try it out after Noah's been here a couple of months.

Also thank you for the encouraging words on my blog, it really helped me to hear someone that was having to be monitored so often and everything was totally fine! It was like .8 above where it should be and Zhang even said it's probably nothing, but better safe than sorry. You made me feel a lot better, thank you! :)

Nicole said...

Kids surprise us all the time! The real question is how did big sister Ella do giving up her nautical bed or did you buy one just like hers? :)