Wednesday, April 13, 2011

daddy who?

since wednesdays are the days anthony heads off before sunrise for prayer and other spiritual leader type things with the men at church, it is naturally a gloomy day around here.

mason wakes up with his typical calling for daddy which turns into hysterics at the sight of me.

major disappointment.

then bennett walks out with his blankie and sleepy eyes and instantly jolts awake when perusing the room and realizes with dread, "daddy's at bible study? oh... nuts."

ella's observation of, "well, its just gonna be a boring rainy day of nothing fun..." sorta made me giggle and sorta made me wonder where these precious little complainers came from.

so, it became fort day.

this is typically daddy's territory. for a couple reasons.
a. he's more fun than me.
b. he's WAY more fun than me.

after the first sheet bennett starts in with, "ok, mommy. we are going to need a lot more and what daddy does is-"

yeah, no comparing. i have something to prove here, so stand back.

so pretty much, they were amazed. the fort had 2 rooms, one for all their "pets" and one for us to do school. and plenty of secret hiding spots. and i even gave them flashlights. and snacks.

i mean, do mommys get any cooler than this?

i was feeling pretty proud of myself.until i heard bennett say to ella, "wow, daddy must really be teaching her some things about forts."

yeah, there's just no getting around it. daddy rules.


Chinny and Poom said...

My Hubs is out of town on his way to Japan. The girls are already starting in on the "When is Daddy coming home? He always does the funnest things." Yes, it's true...Daddy's are way more fun. I'll send them to your house for some fort play. :)

Vicki said...

Wow! You look like a pretty fun mom to me.

Stef said...

Let's face it....Dads usually win in the "Fun" department. Why can't they rule the "I'm vomiting and only your shirt will do to clean my mouth." or the "Mommy, I have poopie on the toilet. And my legs." Where's Daddy then. Sigh.

I think your fort Rocks!!

Rachael Schepemaker said...

Ha! Love it! You know when they'll want the middle of the night when you are dead tired. You must get double or triple points for that :-)

debby94 said...

You crack me up! That's all I have to say.