Friday, April 15, 2011

awana fun

ella is an over achiever. this she did not get from me, unfortunately, yet i'm proud of her nevertheless.
we signed her up for her first year of awana. and then discovered that it fell on the same night as soccer practice, a commitment we had already made. so she started in december when soccer was over.

so far behind? not this girl. she got the sparkies book that lasts the average kid the entire year.

but we all know any child of mine is not average.
she finished in a couple of weeks.

then she got the extra credit book.

finished that in a couple of weeks.

she is now on her 4th
book. the girl is amazing. i told her that if she memorized the entire bible her daddy would buy her a car.

"how about a dollhouse instead?"


i overheard her telling a friend of mine this incentive and then followed it up with, "i'm working on it." true story. she has most of the first chapter of james memorized.

she puts me to shame.

bennett has eagerly anticipated his opportunity to join cubbies. "cubbie-holes" as he called it. (preschool version of awana)
a spot finally opened for him about a month ago.
attached to the open spot for a cubbie is the exciting opportunity (obligation) for parents to volunteer their time overseeing rambunctious 4 year-olds and their quest to learn about Jesus. praise the good Lord for anthony. and let's just say... oh boy. don't be afraid to pray for him. (and so glad its him and not me. and no, i don't feel guilty about this. i do childbirth. he does cubbies.)

so each week bennett has a verse to learn and a story to read about luv e. lamb and some other very preschoolly-titled animals. and then i sign under the verse that we have reviewed it together. after the verse part, is this extra credit section. if he does the "review" he gets 3 apple stickers on his page.

"mommy, we have to do this page. i love it. i LOVE apple stickers!"

so yesterday i get to that part and it says something like: "teach your child about life and plant seeds with him. give him the responsibility of watering them and teach him about how things grow."

seriously? i can't be the only mom who waits until 4:30 the day of awana to complete this.

dirt, plastic cups, boys playing in the sink... all don't mix so well with getting dinner ready in time to scoot them on out the door.

so in my brilliance, i decide this morning i should look at the review for next week. get a head start and all.

oh, and what does it say? "encourage your child to tell someone about the Lord Jesus." example: "your child could help you serve in some way such as singing a duet with you at church."


i can't even imagine calling my pastor and saying, "hey, can you squeeze bennett and me in between worship and announcements? we want to sing this little light of mine because i have absolutely no dignity whatsoever."
i think i'm going to head out and buy an entire book of apple stickers. he can have as many he wants.


Vicki said...

Sounds like the cubbie curriculum needs to be updated a decade or two... said...

I love this. Laughed out loud in a few places but my favorite was "I do childbirth, he does cubbies."

My girls LOVE Awana. LOVE it. I never, ever do the review pages and I'm praying they don't figure out what earns them the stickers. I'm grateful to just get them out the door with a verse memorized.

It's all about the low standards when it comes to preparing your child's mind with God's word. {cringe}

Raising them in Christ said...

Bahaha. You never cease to crack me up. You are too funny! Loved this one. Caannn't wait! Ha!

Samantha said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! you could always start a mall concert tour. i'm sure the people in the food courts would love it.