Saturday, March 26, 2011

catching up

i've been pretty bad about updating the blog lately. i blame this partly on such things as homeschooling, cleaning, exhaustion... but mostly, i blame it on jane eyre.

i've been hopelessly absorbed in 554 pages of exceptional british literature.

and now its over.


i miss jane.

but to catch you up on other news...

in celebration of our big 10 years of marriage, we had ourselves a little
romantic getaway. it was a spontaneous family trip to santa barbara and while it did not involve sunset walks on the beach, leisurely dinners, gazing into each others eyes over candlelight, or sleeping in, it was still super fun.
the highlights:
  • beachfront bike rides
  • sea life spotting on the pier
  • the never ending bowl of completely amazing salsa at dinner
  • observing a drastic transition in our perspective during a beach front vacation: "why don't we spend the morning at the pool. after all, we can go to the beach anytime."
  • convincing ella that my sweater looked perfectly stylish on her as a substitute for the one i forgot to pack and experiencing dreaded glimpses of what life will be like with a teenager as she constantly (and very dramatically) exclaimed "this is so embarrassing!"
  • my favorite part was the knock on the door, the bottle of wine "compliments of the hotel" and the wonderful, yet hesitant "happy anniversary" greeting from the bellboy as he curiously took in the 3 children jumping happily on the bed.
for sure in another 10 years we'll actually have a quiet, relaxing, kid free get-away.

even if we have to take turns.


Vicki said...

So glad you were able to get away for that special weekend. Romance has many forms. Sometimes observing a family having fun together and enjoying each other can give us a glimpse of the great romance between the parents. Your "alone again" time will be here before you know it!

JJ said...

I've missed hearing about your life! No more vacations from writing - just vacations with your family. :)

There was also a little part of me that was hoping you would confess your exhaustion came from incubating another one of those "really gorgeous" children of yours...

Violet Conner said...

this is awesome, Stephanie. our 10 years is may 5 and we are planning a getaway too......with our Riley too!! Its good to know that life is like this for someone else, too!! I love your posts. Have a great day!

The Lindgren's said...

Jane Eyre - me too..although I am not finished yet.

Rachael Schepemaker said...

so sweet! you guys are so fun as a family. can't wait to see you in a few days :-)

josh said...

Santa Barbara! My heart truly lives there...went to school at Westmont, lived there for 2 summers, and got married there! Perfect place to spend your 10 yr anniversary. Happy 10!