Wednesday, March 9, 2011


ten years ago today, i was riding in a horse drawn carriage in a beautiful dress, walking down a rose strewn aisle and saying "i do" to my best friend.

and continuing with the "walk down memory lane" theme, here's some reasons i'm glad anthony chose me for happy ever after:
  • we make gorgeous children. (this statement may sound a little conceited. that's because it totally is.)
  • he listens to me and all my ramblings and usually comes to the natural conclusion that i'm brilliant and always right.
  • he's super handy. he can fix anything. like when my blow dryer got stuck on low or whenever our car makes some sort of crazy noise or any of the obnoxious loud toys we have strewn about our house.
  • not only can he fix anything, he can make anything. like when i say, "i think it'd be fun to make the kids room into like a surf shack..." he makes surf boards and a loft and all sorts of fun stuff. he's pretty spectacular.
  • he enjoys my cooking and even fakes enthusiasm at leftovers.
  • he encourages me to have time away with friends or weekends with my family or a nap or a break of any sort and does super fun things with the kids.
  • he's thoughtful and fun. one time on a camping trip, he packed the tv and the generator and we had a midnight movie under the stars. (this was ages ago when there wasn't a such thing as portable dvd players)
  • he makes really, really good pasta sauce. and in large quantities. i find great comfort in the tupperware stacked in the freezer that tells me there is always a dinner option waiting at my fingertips.
  • he's a great dad. in so, so many ways. one which i greatly appreciate: he not only taxis the kids to their activities such as soccer and awana, but he actually volunteers his time as a coach and cubbie's leader. he does these things because he loves his kids. and i love that i get to stay home and vacuum and wash dishes and read people magazine.
  • he's so helpful around the house. all i have to do is make some comment about how i need to clean and he's getting out the comet and the mop and the vacuum.
  • he's my favorite person to laugh with. after 10 years we've developed a similar sense of humor. we can be somewhere that it totally isn't appropriate to laugh at something in particular but we know its funny for some random reason and we'll just kinda exchange a look that says something like "we are the funniest people ever." it feels good to have someone know you so well.
  • he's a hard-working, godly man who is full of integrity, loyalty and honesty.
happy anniversary. i love you.

and now i leave you with the worlds most ridiculous wedding picture:
did our photographer hate us or something?


Rebecca Jo said...

I totally laughed for a few minutes at your words of "worlds most ridiculous wedding picture"


I think I have one that rivals it.. they had us sit in the most unflattering chair with a brick background... the chair made you look "dumpy" - every photographer must do one stupid picture I guess!

Anyways - Happy Anniversary!!!

Heather said...

That picture is awesomely horrible!

Anthony sounds like an amazing man, which he would need to be to have married such an amazing woman! You guys make a great couple (and yes, gorgeous kids).

Happy 10!

Vicki said...

aaaww, I think the photo's cute. You just have to use your imagination. I can totally see your faces and the veil forming a heart, haha! Happy 10th anniversary.

Susie said...

OK, first...that photo is HA-Larious. If I were you that one would be blown up, framed and hanging over a mantle. :) guys are adorable even wrapped up in yards of veil.
third...can you please guest blog and write some wonderfully sentimental, walk down memory lane post about my family? you're so dang good at it. :) Have a great day lady.

lmngirls said...

Ohmygosh, that picture... thank you for making my day with that one!

Rachael Schepemaker said...

HAPPY BIG 10! You two make me happy. I love your love story. Blessings my friend!

Aubrey said...

aw, happy anniversary! loved the wedding pic ;)

Megan O. said...

Happy Anniversary! You really are amazing at writing tribute posts. I love them!