Monday, November 29, 2010


thanksgiving was wonderful. grammy and poppa made the long journey out from arizona to celebrate thankfulness with us, provide free childcare and take themselves one step closer to falling in love with paradise and deciding to move on out here.
bennett helped daddy with "terry the turkey."grammy helped the kids make thankful turkeys and mason snuck food in whenever he could.on the kids thankful list...

ella:"Jesus, mommy, daddy, a brother (she didn't specify which one), a bible, a house, a neighbor, food, toys, trees..."

bennett:"daddy-that he has a gun to shoot bad guys, poppa getting me a remote control helicopter, a house to live in to keep me warm, a tv that i can watch stuff on"

(apparently i need to buy him something that flies or is destructive and maybe i'll make the list.)

masons was "daddy" "ella" "bennett" "cars" "truck" "mommy" "poppa" "grammy" pretty much the extent of his vocabulary. but at least i was included, even if i came in after cars and trucks.

and after thanksgiving, it was of course time to cover every bare space in the house with the cozy christmas decor.
it warms a mother's heart when this is the one most captivating to my 2 year old.(but um, dontyoudaretouchit. we've already had 2 wise men decapitated, so lets just worship baby jesus with our eyes and not our hands, k?)


Heather said...

So glad you had such a great holiday!

LOVE that last picture. My kids love the nativities we have, too. Maybe you should get the Playmobil one, that way he could have one to play with. Of course, he probably wouldn't WANT to play with that one, so never mind.

Curious as to what they're asking Santa for? What's on your list?

Vicki said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! We bought a Fisher-Price Nativity last year. I set it up on the bottom shelf of the book shelves and my granddaughter plays with it. Her faves are the three wise men and the sheep. When she brings me the wise men, I sing "We Three Kings". When she brings me the sheep, I sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep". He's white, but it's the only sheep song I could think of so now it's a Christmas carol at our house!

Stef said...

Ha. We have had the same conversation. My daughter keeps taking baby Jesus and and says "Look what I can do with him.". Let's not.