Tuesday, November 2, 2010

obligatory halloween post

every year i debate whether or not my kids are going to participate in halloween.

("participate" is a much friendlier word than "celebrate.")

i mean, we really don't have to debate whether or not the nights a little evil right? there are skeletons hanging from my neighbor's trees. and tortured creatures laying about the yard. and children dressed up as though they might kill me coming to my front door.

so yeah, should i really be telling my kids this is all ok?

maybe this is the year i finally put my foot down and keep the porch light off and lock us in the house and read Bible stories or something.

but then... i think of all the chocolate i can confiscate from my kids.

and i cave.

and besides, i'm a sucker for them dressed up all cute.

(knight armor made by daddy.)

and of course my little bear wouldn't keep his head on for longer than a couple pictures.

in the door, stripped down, and sugared up.

and as soon as you go to bed, little buddy, that twix in your pumpkin pail is mine.


Shires Family said...

Hahaha! How cute are they?! I jacked Landon's twix too! YUM!

debby94 said...

They are too cute Stephanie! I love to see my kids dressed up too...I just don't like the yucky halloween stuff. And, after eating way too much candy, I am going to send it to work with my husband!

lmngirls said...

Yeah, I forgot to tell you that Maylin came home from your house and asked, "Mom, is Halloween evil to God?" Um....did I forget to mention that?

Stef said...

Oh, yes. It's called the Mommy tax. And your kids look so cute.

Rebecca Jo said...

the lure of chocolate always wins! :)

Such cute costumes!!!

angie said...

Twix sounds yummy! I've got to get some clearance Halloween candy before it's gone.

Do you think my kids will notice if the candy in their Christmas stocking has orange wrappers?

Rachael Schepemaker said...

LOL! And you aren't even joking one bit.

Heather said...

I love the pictures of your evil little goblins, I mean, adorable sweet children.

Hope you got lots of candy.

Oops, I mean "they", hope THEY got lots of candy :)

Lisa said...

SO cute!

Anonymous said...

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