Thursday, August 5, 2010

a good book

why must these people i live with need food?

and drinks of water?

and clean clothes?

and help with things like putting toothpaste on their toothbrush and changing their own diaper?

don't they know that my mind is faraway in england, during world war 2, wondering what on earth will happen to richard? i know, after all, that penelope eventually shares a dreadful ever after with ambrose, but richard is her true love so what on earth happens! i must know!
and what do you mean "what's for dinner?" didn't i just make you a piece of toast this morning?

i love to read. and sometimes (often) an especially good book will force me to forsake everything else in my life. i'm not exactly proud of this fact. the degree of disaster my house is in is often very closely correlated to how enjoyable my current book is.

i love a good story.

love. it.

and i do hope my children develop a hunger for reading and learning. because there is so much waiting to be discovered in a good book.

so, this is what my firstborn has been up to lately:
i find her everywhere with her nose buried in the pages. in the backseat, on her bed, in the backyard, at the park.

notice the book:

"prince caspian" by c.s. lewis.

excellent choice, i think.

especially if you can actually read.

which ella can't.

and yet she occupies so much of her time "reading." she skims each page, each line, each word for the ones she recognizes. she's currently on chapter 3.

and she loves it.

and i can only imagine that if she's this enthralled now with a story made up of words such as "the" "and" "you" "is" "to" and the occasional recognizable proper name (she's still waiting for a character named ella), she's going to blown away with all the many worlds that await her in books.

"You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend." ~Paul Sweeney


Vicki said...

What a great photo of your little "reader"! If she's that determined now, I'm sure she'll develop into a voracious reader like her mom. I love to read too. I even like to read certain books over and over again. Thankfully, Dan's a reader too so he's understanding when I get lost in a story and forget to start dinner which means we have to go out!

Megan O. said...

I love how she has a blanket and is all settled in to "read". I'm always so impressed with the list of books you've got going all at the same time on your sidebar. I'm the type who reads half a book (unless its fiction) and then never finishes it.

jordy liz said...

I was just like her at that age, so engrossed in books. I love her dedication! I was able to read before my parents knew it and they only found out when we were driving down the road and I started naming off signs I saw. Who knows... maybe she can read?

Heather said...

What are you reading?

I am so with you on this! Two of my three kiddos are in love with reading, and I am in love with that!

One of my favorite books ever was made into a miniseries (Pillars of the Earth) and it is AWESOME! Have you read it? Seen the series? It's on Fridays on StarZ. LOVE IT!

Maybe you should let her see the movie...Prince Caspian was great, and the next movie is coming out this winter!

Stef said...

Oh, I love a good book.
"These Is My Words" is one of my all time favorites. You won't be able to put it down. Maybe you should wait until school starts.
What good book are you reading now??