Friday, August 20, 2010


so tomorrow we head to the big family beach party.

its going to be pretty awesome.
waves, sand castles, s'mores, boisterous italians....

not that i'm trying to rub it in.

(or maybe i am, i guess. what can i say, its pretty rough here in paradise...)

so anthony is getting out the gear to cook up all those italian sausages to perfection.
and he shows bennett and mason the flame. (ella too, but she's hardly impressed)
fascinating stuff, boys and fire.

bennett is completely mesmerized. "whoa.... dad, that is so awesome. maybe some night we can just get that down and burn stuff up."

not that he'd admit it, but his dad just might be thinking the exact same thing.

boys will be boys...

(not to worry, mom. it's not accessible to him and while he may not yet have a healthy fear of flames, he's terrified of going in the dark garage by himself so he won't be out there playing around and starting the house on fire or anything.)


Heather said...

Mmmm, italian sausages on the beach. Sounds like a movie I may or may not have seen...

Love the pictures; fire is fascinating stuff to little boys and big ones alike, isn't it?

Have fun at the party!

Stef said...

I totally agree with you. Boys are born with a little pyro hidden in their little hearts. Once that flame is introduced, it never dies out.