Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so impatient

there is a reason that december is the only month i actually check my mail everyday.

christmas cards.

i love it. i love hearing from the wonderful people in my life. seeing your pretty faces. reading little tidbits about life in your neck of the woods.

here's the problem. so far, i've only gotten 2 cards. 2!!!

yeah, i know its only december 8th. what can i say? i'm impatient.

come on, people. don't forget about me out in california. (if you don't have my address, then i'll happily email it to you. its just that there is a perfectly good reason i don't put my address, or my last name on the blog: pedophiles.)

we have a tradition in these parts. each night when opening the advent calendar and learning a new tidbit of the arrival of our savior, we say a prayer for the families of the christmas cards received that day.

lets just say, bethany and christina, your families have been thoroughly covered in prayer.

now its time to share some blessings. so, get on it. send me some cards!

(i know what you are thinking... where's yours, stephanie? details, my friends, details. coming soon. i promise.)


Sara said...

My cards arrive at my house this Thursday or Friday and then I'm hoping to get them out by Monday... which is a record for me, btw...

And thanks for the reminder that I will be in need of your new address...so if you could include me in that nifty little e-mail list of yours that'd be great... Oh, and while you're at it, why don't you include the dates when your cute little family will be coming for a visit?!? ;)

When did I become my Mom said...

I promised myself I'm doing mine today! Tried to take pics of the kids but well.... we'll see.

Sorry you weren't able to have your get-together with your new neighbourly types. I'm sure you'll get to try again soon!

By the way I tagged you here. ;-)

angie said...

Dear Steph,

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I'm sorry to tell you that's all you're getting from me this year

debby94 said...

What a great idea Stephanie, to pray for the families of the cards you receive that day. I think I will have to start that! Don't feel bad, we haven't received any cards so far! Will you e-mail me your address?

Jill said...

Isn't getting good mail the best? Not bills or ads but GOOD MAIL! It's why Netflix should be my baby daddy...

I'm still not sure why mail gets such a bad rap. Email is NOTHING compared to a hand addressed envelope!

Erin said...

Ha- I was just thinking the same thing. Then today- 6 cards in the mailbox! YEAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Tone and Steph - we have sent our Christmas cards out and yes, we do need your new address. Email it to us darryl23@comcast.net. Thanks.

Megan O. said...

I KNOW, I've been dilligently checking our mailbox too. Our thingy hanging up on the wall to display our cards looks pretty pathetic (I'm starting to wonder if we're not as cool as I thought we were) (oh my goodness, did i really just say that?). But I'm such a hypocrite since we haven't even taken a family photo yet and the thought of it leaves me feeling a little stressed.

JJ said...

Finally working on the Christmas cards tonight - thank goodness for Walmart's 1-hour photo :) I need your address, though! jjveale@gmail.com