Friday, December 4, 2009

why do today what you can put off until your child throws up?

so today, we are supposed to be at a birthday party for jesus.

but we are having a pity party instead.

(we actually being only i, because i've learned not to get my kids excited about upcoming events until the very last minute. they were still unaware of the plans for the day. plans that included friends for them, fellow mommys for me, and tasty tidbits of sugar. oh yeah, and a very fun way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, of course.)

because yesterday evening, mason decided to throw up. all over me. all over the living room. all over the kitchen.

so we canceled out on jesus. bummer. it was bound to be a good time. but i don't think passing along the stomach flu to other preschoolers is a very effective way of making a good first impression on potential new friends.

anyhow, poor little guy.
poor me. i really have a hard time with vomit. i mean, lets face it, no one enjoys it or anything. but i'm actually not faking it or exaggerating when i start gagging and heaving all loud and dramatic-like. it just really is that bad for me.

so ella walks out right as mason finishes up.

"can you go see if daddy is awake?" (anthony had come home from work early because he wasn't feeling well. he'd been in a coma most of the afternoon.)

ella leaves and comes right back. "i don't think so, mommy. the door is shut."

"ummm... can you open the door and see if he's awake?"

ella comes back. "yeah, its dark in there. i'm pretty sure he's sleeping."

ok. can you turn on the lights, jump on the bed and then scream as loud as you can: daddy, are you awake!?!

i was on my own. and it wasn't pretty.

the good news here is this: the floors have needed mopping for quite some time now. i had a serious debate with myself yesterday at nap time about tackling the job then. my laziness won and instead i curled up with my book and read all afternoon. good thing too. because can you even imagine what a waste of time that would have been had i mopped everything, only to have to redo it a few hours later?

procrastination pays off.


Rachael Schepemaker said...

Sorry! That is not fun at all. Hope he is back to normal real soon and I hope you get some rest.

Heather said...

Thank God for Bella's dramas, right? They make your own seem trivial and easy to leave behind. This must be why I love to read; I love being able to escape, even if it's just for an hour or two.

Here's hoping the whole family doesn't get it, or if they do, they do it all at once so you can get it over with and not drag it out over the whole stinkin' month...I hate stomach bugs!