Wednesday, November 4, 2009

moving day

well, we had to say goodbye to the beach. and the "rustic" house where we had the privilege of staying for a month.

and we said goodbye to our fun neighbors and new beach friends. they were sad to see us go... they cried and gave us all kinds of candy.

well, not so much crying, but lots of candy. it was halloween after all.

and shouldn't every child have the opportunity to trick or treat on the beach?

the next morning was moving day. it was the longest day of my life.

quite literally. because it was daylight savings time. and who actually came up with this crazy idea, i'd like to know? because where i come from (arizona) we don't participate in all this time changing silliness. we set our clocks and we stick with it. it certainly makes sense to me.

i did experience the actual changing of the time once before in my life. i was at school in massachusetts. it was far less significant back then. it was back before sleep schedules, little kids, naps, family meals... which are kinda out of sorts for a few days while we get adjusted. nope, back in the day, my biggest concern was whether or not i might actually go to class. most of the time, time was pretty much irrelevant.

also, i find it mildly depressing to be eating dinner at 5:30 and its dark outside.

however, i find it convenient that my kids are convinced its later than it actually is and they get pj's on at like 6:15.

so here we are, getting settled. i rather like our cute little house. "little" being relative, of course. its half the size of the one we came from (translation: where are we going to put all this stuff???) and yet larger than the dwelling places of the majority of the world. (translation: we are very blessed.) i try to refer to the second perspective when i open yet another box of kitchen-ware or toys or miscellaneous-who-knows-whats.

i know you are simply dying to see what it looks like. i am too. if i could just do something about all these boxes blocking my view.

so allow me to share with you through the eyes of a 5 year-old the best things about this house: "the beautiful pink rooms, the wonderful backyard and the fun toilet." yes, right here, in this very house we have what is referred to as a "public toilet." the flusher is a button on top. and if i need to bribe my kids to do something, i tell them they can flush the toilet in my bathroom. works every time.

oh, the simple things in life.


Shires Family said...

That is so cute! Love hearing your stories and I can't wait to have some of my own!
your mom was telling me the story about one of your kids getting the mist vac and tell you that it "was rude". I got tested today and thought about that and laughed and thought the same thing! haha.
Hope moving is going well!!

Megan O. said...

You are such a great story-teller! Hurry up with the pictures, can't wait!

Heather said...

Yep, the time change has wreaked havoc on my family as well. I didn't realize California did it, too. Thought it was a midwest thing.

Love the trick or treat on the beach pics! You are so right; every child should have that opportunity :)

Good luck with the new house! Hope you have some nice neighbors!

debby94 said...

I hope you all get settled soon. What a beautiful post Stephanie! Great pictures!

Lisa said...

Your kids looked adorable for halloween- this is funny- my kids were exactly the same as your kids! Teda was a princess andthe boys were cowboys. Funny! Glad you're in your new place. I'll bet you'll be glad to be unpacked and settled in. Yet miss the beach- what a cool experience!
Have a great weekend,

mls gta said...

Aww, the pictures are fabulous. Your kids are just the cutest. And yep, you indeed are a great story teller. Anyway, I hope you will get used to living in your new house very soon. Good luck with it.