Monday, November 9, 2009


mondays are very special around here.


because the gardener comes.

and that is exciting stuff, people.

when we were looking for a rental, almost all of the listings would say "gardener included."

this sounds rather luxurious to me, as though tucked away on our sprawling estate is a quaint little gardeners cottage or something.

but nope, its just pretty standard around here, i guess. maybe its because homeowners want to make sure that their home is taken care of and their plants don't die due to irresponsible renters. (personally, i was holding out for the "housekeeper included" but, no such luck.)

so today, when the familiar sound of the lawnmower interrupted our book reading adventure, the kids bolt up and sprint for the window and ella says, "mom, stories will have to wait. the gardeners are here!" and then they ran frantically from the front window to the patio door and back again so as to not miss a single grass cutting moment.i'm pretty sure these particular gardeners may think we are a bit nuts. partly because of my children's unnatural excitement over the lawn. and also, because last week, when they came, it was our first day in the house. the only box i had unpacked was ella's dresses. so at the sliding glass door stood ella, in her long sleeve, red velvet formal christmas dress... and bennett and mason in the dirty t-shirts they slept in and little else. (i would have taken a picture, but i couldn't even find pants for my kids, let alone the camera)

oh the excitement of monday.


Jennifer said...

It's those sweet little moments...that picture of them at the door watching them mow the lawn is adorable!!

Megan O. said...

Wow, you guys are really living the life over there. A gardener? Next you'll be getting a b**b job and we'll see you on The Real Housewives of OC. ;)

Your kids are adorable and I love the new blog header!!