Tuesday, October 27, 2009

summing it up

2: number of times i sweep the sandy floor each day (ok, most days)
1: number of birds anthony has had to chase out of our house

1: number of times seaweed has been wrapped around ella's legs while playing in the ocean (just ask her. she's definitely keeping track.)

98: ella's estimate of how many dogs we've seen this month without a leash (quite accurate, i believe)

2: times i've retrieved dog poop from mason's hands

4: number of times mason has actually slept all the way through the night
4: books i've read (best by far: Crazy Love by Francis Chan. read it and let your world be changed)

2: number of donuts the kids have had. one on ella's birthday. one after memorizing psalm 23.
1: pictures of topless mermaids above our bed
9: number of dear family members who have visited
2: days of stuck-inside weather. happened to be the 2 days my parents visited.

5: days left at the beach house

3: number of bedrooms for our family of 5 at our new home (which is still a reminder we are in the wealthiest bracket of people on this earth)
29: number of days we've been here

0: number of days i have wished i still live in phoenix
29: number of days i've missed family and friends


Jennifer said...

Dog poop from Mason's hand?! Boys!
I bet the beach house has been wonderful! I know you can't wait to get in your new home :)

Teri said...

I think my favorite is the topless mermaid. Did you glue some sea shells up there? Mis you guys.