Monday, October 12, 2009

dear dog owner,

hi. how are you? lovely day today, isn't it?

ok. um, i don't care how "friendly" you say your dog is. really, i don't.

do you see that look on my daughter's face? its called sheer terror. there is no reasoning with it. its a valid emotion.

be responsible. put your dog on a leash.

because pretty soon, in response to you saying, "its ok, he's friendly," when he runs full force into my 13 month old and knocks him face first into the sand, i'm going to say, "well, i'm not."

because you don't mess with a mother protecting her children.

alrighty then, thank you. have a great day!


Mom of Three said...

love. it.
what is that? it's ok he's friendly. i haaaaate that! my gosh, it's just rude!

u go girl. :-)

Charlotte said...

Hey chica, I can only imagine how that must feel as a mommy, because even I (as a dog owner) HATE it when people let their dogs off leash. Dogs are still dogs, somewhat unpredictable and animalistic. So, I'm with you girl, and vow never to say that phrase to you or to anyone for that matter. ;) I'm with "mom of three;" you go girl!

Tonya said...


Jennifer said...

I agree, I'm usually non-confrontational but when it comes to my dogs and kids... When they say their dog's friendly and doesn't bite - I politely say, yes, ALL dogs are capable of biting (even mine) Abby was bit by John's grandmother's dog when she was 3 - the dog was friendly :) and had never bit anyone in 7 years... several hours later we were in the ER with her.

Heather said...

Dogs are still animals, period. I understand your caution. Why people insist on being irresponsible is beyond me. Put a leash on your dog and move on.

And yes, I have a dog, too. And I don't ever trust her alone with kids that aren't my own, because you just never know.

debby94 said...

Oh Stephanie! Thanks for another great laugh!!