Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my housekeepers

i really think that anthony would be happy if we had 10 kids. in his words, "they are so great." i do agree they are so great, but i told anthony of some requirements that would have to be met if this were actually a possibility (don't worry, it isn't.) first, (after, of course, adding a concubine to the equation) we would have to move out of this city, maybe to a farm somewhere so our children could run free, explore God's creation, enjoy the outdoors... you know, not be cooped up for months on end watching the world melt around them. the second requirement would be a housekeeper. this was actually on the list before we were going to have baby number 3. but, surprise! God had other plans (and we are glad he did.)

well, the housekeeping factor may have a solution. it seems my children have developed a love for cleaning. wednesdays are floor days and they literally fight over whose turn it is to vacuum and mop. where does this tendency come from, i wonder? most certainly not from me.
we have years to go before the work they expend equals the productivity we need to actually have a clean floor, but i believe it is important to encourage the effort. so i let bennett vacuum the same spot 45 times and bite my tongue as ella pours half the water into the floor steamer and the other half all over the floor. and i let them enjoy it. i'm most certainly not in the business of raising perfectionists.

so... anyone interested in trading their farm in the mountains for our house in the suburbs?


Nicole said...

They look very content and like they are doing a fabulous job...send 'em over to my house after they are done so they can teach my kiddos the joy in cleaning too! :) Brady does love the swifter though and runs it back and forth 50 times in the same place too!

Erin said...

I love it!! They could be making you some big bucks. I have a house "down the hill" (in the slums) if you want to trade- it isn't a farm, but we have lizards and chipmunks that visit ALL the time!!