Saturday, September 20, 2008

fun at the zoo

ella and bennett have thoroughly enjoyed having daddy home the past week and half. (and so have i!) the fun never ends with daddy. on wednesday, he took the kids to the zoo, where there is a new splash area. they had the time of their lives, daddy too... so on thursday, they went back again!

i am sad the week is coming to an end and he heads back to work on monday (although i am thrilled to welcome my mom and her help this next week). so i had this conversation with ella:

me: "aren't you sad that daddy has to go back to work on monday?"
ella: "no."
me: "really? i am sad."
ella: "but mommy, he still comes home at the end of the day."
me: "i know, but i miss him during the day."
anthony: "what do you like about daddy going to work?"
ella: "because i like it when its just mommy and we can talk all day and hang out. i really love my mommy so much."

awwww... that just warms a mother's heart.


Rachael Schepemaker said...

All of those long hours and years of unconditional love paid off. How sweet she is. I will have to get more info from you about the water station at the zoo.

Sara said...

Oh Stephanie,

I was just able to catch up on all your ADORABLE pics!! :) If my kids looked like that I'd be snapping pics left and right! ;)

And I must say, my hat's off to Anthony...he took the kids to the zoo/water park AND took pics. A feat almost unknown to "man" :) hee, hee ;)

We are so excited for you guys and this next stage in your adventure. Put on your seat're in for a wild (and wonderfully satisfying) ride! :)

Much love-Garates