Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i have always said bennett would be our first E.R. visitor. maybe it was seeing him dangling from his high chair at 8 months old, or finding him on tops of tables, chairs or beds before he could walk. it could be the way he walks without looking at the obstacles blocking his path and laughs as he lands on his face. i did find him climbing to the top of our rock retaining wall in the backyard one day, which really could have been a disaster if he fell. i often hear, "maybe he learned his lesson." however, no amount of bumps, bruises or time-outs seem to have any effect on his ever-smiling face.

this brings me to saturday. i was enjoying a wonderful weekend with my mom and sister (dad was there too, although not quite into the scrapbooking and girl's talk... he did make us some yummy food and served us lattes...). anthony called me to inform me that bennett had "quite a spill," his head hitting the sharp corner of the coffee table. my husband is never an alarmist and although i tend to over-react, he is always calm and unrattled. "i didn't think much of it, but i don't want you to be mad when you get home if you thought i should have taken him to get stitches." my first thought was, if you are even mentioning that "s-word" it must be bad! so after emailing some pictures for nurse grammy to look at, it was decided that my wonderful husband would indeed sacrifice his entire day, including a much needed naptime to cart the kids to urgent care in order to preserve bennett's beautiful face. (we did consider the fact that a scar might make the tiny framed little man look a little more tough, but neglecting healthcare for a superficial motive is quite careless. we may just enroll him in karate instead)

so, after a long wait and fun games played such as "ring around the rosy...ashes, ashes, we DON'T fall down!" bennett received one lonely stitch (after lots of trauma of being pinned down by daddy and a nurse, with a drape over his face and a needle going through his forehead). well... maybe he learned his lesson... but don't count on it

our little tough-guy hugging (or is it choking?) his big sister... and his very cool band-aid

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