Sunday, January 6, 2008

Never Leave Your Children Unattended

every parent is faced with defining moments in life. moments where you choose... you choose between yelling at your children and losing your temper or... you grab your camera.

i opt for the second option. it keeps life fun.

here is my tribute to my children and the creative things they find to do while I am otherwise occupied. (by the way, these things happen in mere moments. its not like i'm sunning myself in the backyard or lounging around watching soaps.)

bennett's favorite coloring spot has become the back door. should i forget the one lone crayon on the floor, he will find it, and create for me a masterpiece... one that isn't too easy to clean up. (this picture really doesn't do it justice. just trust me)

anytime you hear the words, "oh no, bennett!" in a very shrill, happy voice, followed by, "mama! come look!" it is not a good sign. i found bennett covered in liquid foundation (make-up). i wasn't sure who the responsible child was or if it was a group effort. later in the day i told anthony the story and when he asked who did it, ella overheard and interrupted and said, "i did it daddy!" she was very proud of herself. i forgot all i had to do was ask her. she hasn't learned to lie yet :)
oh, and it didn't clean up so well either. took quite a few shampoos and his hair looked gray for a couple of days.

ella was quite proud of herself... piling as many toys and miscellaneous items around Bennett as she possibly can.

a joint effort of emptying the ENTIRE contents of the game closet. it did take an hour to clean up. those battleship pieces, scrabble squares, trivial pursuit cards, and many other games with numerous tiny pieces... at least we only have one puzzle. :)


Sara said...


So, the liquid foundation-there are simply no words... :) Well, actually, there ARE words, but those that I'd rather not write in this forum! :) hee, hee!

Thanks for the peek into your life! Wish I was there to experience it in person! I guess I'll just have to wait until June...

Keep up the good work-you have me thoroughly entertained! :)

Much love-Sara

Nicole said...

LOL! haha, the foundation pix have me still laughing!! I must day none of my 4 kiddos have ever tried this one at home...thankfully! AHHH, the joys of motherhood huh? Gotta love it!